SunMall Podcast

We interview the stars of ecommerce. Listen to leading brand founders discuss how they got their first 1000 customers, investors discuss how they evaluate companies, agencies on how to improve copy design, and industry experts on how not to get sued.

Naina Mehta
Hibiscus Monkey/HBS/Unilever
We cover body skincare, India vs the US, and how to get press coverage
Ibrahim Masood
Peel Away
We cover all things email, India vs the US, and Ibrahim's own podcast.
Alejandro Moreno
Get More
We cover body skincare, Mexico vs the US, and how to get press coverage
Jamie Fay
Rationale Brewing
We cover retail, ambassadors program, linkedin, subscriptions, and overall trends
Dean Packingham
Mike and Jens
We cover retail, bootstrapping, omnichannel marketing, web design, and wholesale
Irene Liu
We cover demand, partnership, user feedback, supply chain, and website content.
Raphael Farasat
We cover brand identity, web and packaging design, the drop model, and marketing
Scout Brisson
De Soi/ McKinsey
We cover ambassador programs, social media, omnichannel, site design, and bundling.
Anthony Franco
M.C. Squares
We cover product development, factories and supply chain, and being on shark tank.
Adam Mutschler
We cover product development, accelerators, marketing, branding, and customer education
Nano Stasiak
Impulso Media
We cover mobile apps, sms, email, segmentation, social media, and site design.
Lisa Gonzalez-Turner
We cover getting customers in the earl days, retail, rewards programs, and overall trends
Anne Calrson
We cover retail shows, in store, customer feedback overall marketing, and upsells.
Varun Chopra
We cover team formation, AI, creative frameworks, and landing page design.
Niccolò Gloazzo
Kettle & Fire
We cover A/B testing, copy design, Amazon, upcoming marketplaces, and marketing
Saurav K
We cover website design, speed, migrations, team construction, and trends.
Jai Dolwani
The Starters/ Ex Winc-CMO
We cover all things marketing, subscriptions, the starters, and overall trends in Ecommerce.
Elizabeth Brown
We cover how to raise money, ecommerce enablement, and celebrity leds brands.
Risha Rohera
Silk + Sonder
We cover all things bizops, monitoring metrics, bizops career path, and silk + sonder learnings
Paul Voge
Aura Bora
We cover marketing, developing new flavors, drops, website design, shark tank, and retail.
Kings Outdoor Lighting
We cover seo, catalog design, supply chain, web design, bundles, and 3D
Parth Acharya
Amazon/ Dell B2B Ecommerce
We talk b2b, segmentation, integrations, channel partners, and AI.
Ben Zettler
Zettler Digital
We talk influencer marketing, Shopify, Web Design, marketing, and AI.
Robert Freund
Ecommerce Lawyer
We talk legal issues ranging from discounting, reviews, ugc, and disability.
Bhisham Bhateja
The Man Company
We cover web design, loyalty, mobile app, scaling the team, and kiosks
Krishan Kumar
Million Cases
We talk having multiple websites, bootsrapping, best applications, and AI.
Abhas Sinha
We talk AI, SEO, growth in general marketplaces, A/B testing, 3D/AR.
Mike Xia
We talk supply chain, building AI based products, and the early days of Lumina.